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District 9 ending explained

When District 9 arrived in theaters, audiences had no idea what to expect. The film was produced by Peter Jackson, but it sure didn't look like Lord of the Rings, and the actual director was an unknown talent named Neill Blomkamp who'd never released a feature film before. Furthermore, the marketing for the movie primarily involved promotional billboards plastered around major cities urging people to call a hotline if they'd seen any aliens. Even the trailer was ambiguous and shot documentary-style while containing little-to-no actual film footage. By the time we settled our butts into those cushy theater chairs, the only thing we knew for sure was District 9 would include aliens and South African accents.

So you can be excused for being utterly shocked by the whirlwind sci-fi adventure that unfolded through the film's two-hour runtime. By the time the credits roll, it's easy to forget all the little nuances and revelations explored throughout the film. And, of course, revisiting the climax could also help illuminate what Blomkamp might come up with next if he ever gets around to finally finishing District 10. To those ends, here's the ending of District 9 explained.

In case you're wondering, yes, spoilers.